We specialize in getting the results you want and need, use us when the project is too important to leave to just anyone.  


We can help you make production profitable! 

As consultants, we are exposed to a broad spectrum of technical challenges and opportunities.  Mechanical engineering provides the diverse educational background to assess a wide range of technical issues.  We combine these aspects to produce effect results for you.  Below are some examples of the more common subject matter we have been involved in.  Please keep in mind that this listing represents only a limited number of challenges we have dealt with for clients.

If you have specific questions about our previous experience in other areas, please contact us.  

You will find us to be quite candid about our ability to assist you.  If we don’t have the expertise, it is possible, that as a courtesy, we can refer you to someone else.

•Overall plant and process evaluations • production facility planning • site site evaluation • long-term growth studies • preliminary engineering feasibility studies • Economic studies • review of capital project funding plans • preparation of capital requests •

•Post start-up reviews • process capability determination • preparation of operating and training manuals  • capacity and bottle neck studies• continuous process improvement programs • SPC evaluations •

• Automation design and development • savings analysis based upon automation • development of process specifications • time study analysis • process goal identification • specification of automated systems • preparation of operations scenarios • preparation of operating and training manuals   • 

• Process start-up troubleshooting and modification • team troubleshooting including fishbone diagramming of problems preparation of start-up and test protocol  • Analysis of systems including investigation of complex process and production systems • preparation of testing protocol • gathering and analyzing field data and documenting findings • conducting meetings to obtain consensus and action plans • oversight of progress to goals •

• Design of batch and continuous processes • design, specification and selection of a wide variety of processing equipment including kettles, tanks, and other assorted vessels, pumps, high and low shear mixing equipment, including Breddo style mixers, static mixers and agitators of all sizes • heat exchangers (tube, plate and scrape surface)• bulk aseptic  processing units • super sack handling loading and unloading • rotary air lock•  bag filling systems with deareators • vacuum transport systems • dry milk and brine production systems, butter melting systems, sparging systems, flavor and color recovery systems  • ribbon mixers • scales • magnets • ambient spiral coolers • spiral freezers • tunnel freezers • carbon columns • loss-in-weight and volumetric feeders and load cell systems • rack and tunnel ovens • material handling systems including virtually all types of conveying  systems • dense and dilute pneumatic conveying phase systems • design of sanitary and utility piping systems in stainless, poly plastic, aluminum, black iron and other materials • CIP/COP systems • rail car and truck unloading facilities • analysis and design of small computer networks • instrumentation systems for level, temperature, pressure, conductivity, flow, viscosity,  pH, and mass flow and refractometry • 

• Design, selection and specification of a wide variety of packaging machinery including depalletizers, case erectors, bag inserters, fillers (powder, liquid and slurry) for bottles, jars, pails, pouches, cans and boxes • bakery and pastry depositors • multi head computer scales • VFFS/HFFS packaging • chub packers • depalletizers• seamers • coolers • wash systems • inspection stations • case packing stations • check weighers • metal detectors • bottle, jar, pail, pouch, can and box labeling systems • ink jet printing systems • bar coding systems • spray and hot melt glue systems • material handling systems, including virtually all types of conveying, laning, single-filers, condensers, accumulation and distribution systems • stretch wrap, banding, and interlock gluing systems • palletizing and robotic material handling systems • mechanism and machine design • design and development of a wide variety of custom and/or proprietary equipment • 

• Utility system design including steam and condensate • chill and cooling tower water systems • tank farm monitoring systems • compressed air and nitrogen systems • process water, filtration and water softening systems • effluent solids and Ph control and buffering systems • refrigeration systems (NH3 and Freon) • hydraulic power systems • dust collection systems • bag houses and scrubbers • plant fire protection systems • CVAC •

• Maintenance control system development • Maintenance spending analysis • Maintenance spare parts inventory analysis • Preventative maintenance analysis • downtime analysis • Equipment repair vs. replacement analysis •  used equipment survey •

• Supervision of design and engineering groups • PLC programmers and other technical professionals • construction trades • start-up technicians • 

• Project Management • Task Identification • Milestone Identifications • Critical Path scheduling • Progress reporting • Project budgeting • establish asset value and lives • expediting of projects, vendors and deliveries • performance guarantee preparation • bid document preparation • vendor/contract capability evaluation • bid analysis • bid award • contact administration

• Vendor oversight • selection • capability analysis • progress evaluations • liaison • negotiation • partnering planning • end result analysis• 

Our specialty is…customizing our services… to fit YOUR needs.


The Reuss Consulting Group, Inc.
3924 Bordeaux Circle
Flower Mound Texas 75022
(817) 430-8147
(603) 794-7781

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